Task Groups/Sections



For example, If I have groups of tasks like the following :

And I need to duplicate the entire task group across and/or within the project, There is no intuitive way to do that. Can we give an option/menu at the top level for the sections ([Medium Priority] in the example) for duplicating the list ?


One way which may help. Is you can just Multi Select the Section and Tasks. Then Copy and Paste will give the you repeated tasks. However you will need to manually update the Assignee and Custom Fields.


Hi Jason,

Thanks for your response.

I am aware of the multi-select and then copy-paste, but that exactly is the problem. Some of my lists are too long and nested. There is no intuitive way to duplicate an entire section with one or two clicks. If Asana could introduce a feature/option at section and sub-section level, that would make lives easier.


Okay… Yeah I don’t have a way to do that easily. Maybe the API interface or possible Zapier might be able to help,