Task for first person to pick it

We have tasks which should be taken by the first person who sees them. Like answering missed phone calls as this might be time critical. I know about the problem that ASANA does net yet allow multiple assignes on a single task and hope they fix this soon. ( Assign multiple assignees on one task - #504 by Marta_Divall )

Until they fix this: What could be a workaround so that the task shows up in multiple “my task” lists as new task. After the first persons picks the task and assigns the task to them self.


That won’t be possible, unless, say, you were to create subtasks assigned to each person.

A better approach is for these tasks to go to a project to which all candidate assignees are project members.

All Asana users should be managing their Asana Inbox, not just their My Tasks, and they are guaranteed to receive notification of the new task there (and optionally each may receive email notifications as well). Whoever wants to pick up the task should assign it to themselves in the right side of Asana Inbox and all others will see it’s already assigned in their Asana Inboxes and can just archive there.


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Hi Larry,

thanks for your help!

Yes indeed - the Inbox can be a workaround. Although we use “my tasks” more in the daily business. And for every group of different people how should be “assigned” to such a task a need another fake project.

So this is really just a workaround and we have to hope that the ASANA team members understand that people really need this. I mean the request is four years old now and gets a ton of reactions an upvotes all the time. When will they finally understand? :frowning:

Thanks for the workaround until then!



You don’t need a fake project. That’s the easiest approach for a known, fixed group of people for whom this comes up regularly. Since that’s not the case here, you could add the people as collaborators as another approach; that will generate the notifications, which is all the workaround is doing.

The request to change the meaning of Assignee is a pretty fundamental one and while Asana may change it or provide other approaches, I am not holding my breath! To make that change would also disturb many users, in addition to making many others pleased.


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