Task Details appearing on the right side as a panel

I do not know what happened, but in the middle of my work something changed so as to when I click on a task, the task details appear as a side panel on the right instead of as a small centered window on the foreground(which I believe was the default). I’ve grown very accustomed to the window in the middle and the side panel is freaking me out.

How do I revert or change this setting? Please help, it’s giving me bad anxiety and I am getting very stressed and unable to work properly.


Hi @Chester_Mercado and apologies for the trouble here.

This is related to an update we’re rolling out to standardise how we display task details in Asana. It is not possible to revert this change, but Iv’e noted your feedback and will make sure to share it with our team!

Thanks for the reply. My usage of asana for work consists quick creation and completion of tasks. I do not find the new task details view suitable for me. I am, no joke, getting stressed as this change coincided with a massive workload with a very tight schedule. Thanks again for the prompt reply.


I’m having the same issue. It’s really slowing down my work and I really preferred the popup. I’ve spend hours trying to figure out how to fix this!


You recently changed tasks in boards open in the sidebar instead of center screen This change makes the UX less convenient since the user (myself) expects to have the task open up near the mouse pointer. When going through multiple tasks, the user needs to go back and forth between the center screen where the tasks are in the board columns and the sidebar.
While this new layout may be useful to some users, I’d love to see the old design or possibly even have the tasks open up as tooltips or expanded in-place.


HI @Nizzan_K and thank you so much for sharing your feedback. This update was launched to harmonized the task pane across views (List, Board, Timeline). We’re not planning to revert this update at this time, but I’ll be sure to share your feedback with our product team!

Marie, I also use Asana on a horizontal screen this new layout makes it impossible to use since I have to keep clicking the -> to collapse the side window so I can get back to my tasks.

I just wanted to make sure you can add this to the Product Teams notes.


Like many here, I found the mid-screen pop-up far easier to work with than this side-panel slide-out. The side-panel slide-out now obscures view of my future (right screen displayed) tasks, which was nice to glance at while I worked in whatever task pop-up was active. If Asana could change this feature back, we’d really appreciate it. I hope you all have some good Behavioural Designers to inform you UX/UI needs.

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Same here. When working with two landscape monitors, to use Asana on the right monitor is now imposible.

Agree with others here that the slide out from the right is a much less efficient configuration. Not causing me quite the stress others are having, but I would much rather have the old way back. Just sayin’