Task Date Color per Completion Status



The current functionality tied to date and it’s color is quite helpful. Currently, when looking back at tasks that were completed in the past, they all appear in a red (alert-styled) text… which creates unnecessary emotional associations—even if a project was originally completed on time. I’d love to propose even better associations between the color and the task completion date:

  • When task is marked as complete before the completion date: show early color (e.g., maintain green?)
  • When task is marked as complete on the completion date (±1 day): show on-time color (e.g., black)
  • When task is marked as complete after the completion date: show late color (e.g., red).


Totally agree - it bothers me more than I like to admit. I thought it was just me so didn’t bring it to the forums, but seeing as you’re saying it too, I’ll add my vote to better date-color associations.