Task Creation - auto-open new task when created



When creating a new task is there a way to automatically view/go into the task you’ve just created instead of needed to click on the notification that pops up in the bottom left corner? Or is there a reason that this functions this way? Since you cant add a task to multiple projects in creation view my team always needs to add additional information. It seems intuitive to me that when creating a new task you would want to open that task (especially when from the top plus button) in order to continue making edits or add additional team members to the task etc. There has been some confusion with the team occasionally creating duplicate tasks because of this - any recommendations on how to mitigate this issue or insight into why it is set up this way?


Great question, @Jules_Butler. One recommendation would be to create the task in a project using the “Add Task” button or by pressing enter in line in the main grid. This would allow you to create the task in the context of one project in the main screen and would allow you to add in all relevant details on the right in the task details pane as you are creating, including adding it to additional projects.

Do you think this might work?


Hi Katie thanks for your reply!

That works in some circumstances, but I am often creating tasks for multiple projects at the same time which makes that not ideal. If I have 3 tasks for 3 different projects to create going into each project to add them is very laborious. I generally prefer to create tasks from the My Tasks view since I stay there as default. Additionally that doesn’t work when duplicating a task which is currently a very cumbersome process. This makes duplicating tasks essentially a useless feature for us because my team members keep changing the master task instead of their new one and there is no way to lock a task as a template.


Ah, I see. Thanks for following up. You could use the same “Add Task” button in My Tasks so you could use the task details pane on the right to easily add all of the details including the project.

For duplicating a task, if you check the “assignee” and “projects” boxes when making the copy (screenshot below), it would include these details in the new copy of the task and would also leave the task in your My Tasks list so you could easily fill in any additional details once it is copied.

Hope this might help!