Task converted into subtask stays in "recently assigned" section and duplicates

Task converted into subtask stays in “recently assigned” section. If the new task is recurrent, the task in recently assigned section will duplicate every day…

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@Caro2 :wave: Welcome to the community!
If I understand correctly, this is expected behavior. Any task or subtask that are assigned to you will be in “My Tasks” and if the subtask or the parent task is recurring the task will be created again.

Could you provide more info on what you were expecting?

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Hello Paul and thanks for your help. Please excuse my english if you find it difficult to understand, I’ll do my best !
Here is my situation. I get many invoices by email, that I convert into task with Asana for Gmail.
They automatically end up in My Tasks in the Recently assigned section. So far, everything is ok.
I created a recurrent task called “Invoice processing” wich comes back every 2 days.
The emails converted into tasks are now converted into subtasks in Invoice processing.
Until last week, the newly created subtasks dissapeared from the recently assigned tasks section, as expected.
But this is not the case anymore. The emails are present as subtasks in “Invoice processing” AND in Recently assigned section. And they duplicate every 2 days as long as they are not ereased as subtasks.
Is there a parameter I should change ?
Thank you !

Very bad idea indeed because then each new “invoice processing” task will have all the previously treated invoices as duplicated subtasks and sooner or later you’ll break the internet with the volume :slight_smile:

Instead you should store your emails in a project, unassigned from you, and your “Invoice processing” task will just be a reminder to go to that project and process everything.

Does that help?

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Thank you Bastien, I will try that for sure !

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