Task Comments as Conversations

It would be very helpful if Task Comments were made a part of Conversations. As they currently work, when a comment is added to a task, the only people who see it are the Collaborators and anyone opening up that specific task to look into it. When the task is marked as completed, that information effectively goes away unless you open up a view of completed tasks. As a manager, I need to be able to see a feed of the activity on a project to see if my staff are running into any issues that I can help resolve. It would be very helpful to have Task Comments copied into the Conversations when they are entered. As it is, we often add a Task Comment and the copy and paste it into Conversations so that we have a running record of what is happening and has happened in a project.

I get your point but isn’t it the same request as Project Conversations should include all Comments from that Project's tasks and subtasks ?