Task Best Practices: Suggested Requirements for Creating a Task?


Does anyone have a pre-made “process” for task essentials that everyone should follow? I was about to put together a “process” for my team to make sure we all follow the same guidelines for creating tasks (always have due date, assignee, task details, name a task something succinct, etc etc.) but maybe someone already has one that I can use?


Hi @Avery_Bingham,
I think you’ll find the Asana Guide helpful! It explores exactly the question you’ve asked. I suggest you take a look at “I’m helping my team learn Asana.

You’ll see a checklist on the left hand side of the screen, which walks you through the steps for getting your team started. Sounds like you and your team would find value in the following:

Let us know if you have follow up questions! :slight_smile: