Task Automation: Remove task from project on completion


I have a board project to visually organize my tasks in columns following a Kanban-style board: Backlog, ToDo, In Progress, and ‘Need Info/Feedback’. By default, I use the view that only shows incomplete projects so tasks ‘disappear’ when I complete them.

However, I went to reorganize my columns today and realized that completed tasks remain in the column they were in upon completion and prevent me from deleting columns. I would like to set up automation to remove tasks from my project when I complete them, so it’s not being invisibly cluttered up. I do not want the tasks to be deleted because it’s helpful to be able to refer back to them, but I don’t need them in that project once they’re done.

Is there any way to accomplish this? Both IFTTT and Zapier do not have the ability to remove tasks from projects and I’m using a free account - my team can’t justify the cost for a premium team account.


Hey Tatianna, that seems odd - it’s not like that for list view/sections (although I know they’re different in execution). Maybe it’s just a quirk they’re working out how to solve with Boards.

If all your tasks are hidden upon completion, you could just repurpose that column - but to answer your question, you could have an AI bot/script do it I guess - Zapier doesn’t have an asana workaround you’re right. I’m out of my element when it comes to custom AI bot/scripts with the API but others will probably chime in - @developers.