Task assignee unable to edit task in private project




I am a bit confused regarding task level permissions. I am trying to only allow users edit/see tasks they are either a follower of, or is an assignee of. Below is my situation:

  1. I have a private project of which I am the sole member. In the “share” properties, I allow all “task followers” to have the “can edit” permission.
  2. I upload a list of tasks via the CSV importer, and within the “assignee” field I enter person B (another teammate) and “follower” field I enter person C (a different teammate).
  3. I check the task and I can verify that person B is indeed the assignee and is automatically set as a follower. Person C is also set as a follower.
  4. Since I set the “task followers” to have “can edit” permissions, I am expecting that person B and person C can both edit the task because they are followers, even though they are not a member of the private project. However, this is not the case, neither B or C have access to edit the task.

Can someone please clarify the mix up here? Why can’t person B & C edit the task they are following in a private project?


Are you sure you did not put the “Comment only” permission on the project?


Hey Bastien thanks for the response.

I am sure that I set the setting to “can edit”. I’ve attached images showing the settings for my project, and also the perspective of the assigned user. I must be missing something!


You can see on the last screenshot that the task is not part of any project, that would explain it does not inherit your settings.


The task is part of the “Editorial_Worktype_Current” project. In the second snapshot, I believe the reason why it shows that it is not part of the project is because the user wrialyss is not part of the “Editorial_Worktype_Current”, therefore she cannot see this project. I did this so the user cannot have access to see/edit other tasks in the same project. Does this mean that in order for a user to have edit access they need to be part of the project & must be a follower?


Well, that makes sense… No idea :man_shrugging: @marie can you help?


Hi @Jon7,

Can you clarify what you mean by User C not being able to edit anything? Are you referring specifically to custom field? Are they able to complete the task?



I am not to concerned about user C not be able to edit anything (as I will likely add them to the project with can edit permission).

I am most concerned with user B not being able to edit anything, as this is the person who is assigned the task. In this scenario, user B is “wrialyss” and you can see from the above screenshot she is unable to edit any of the default / custom fields, but she can comment and mark the task as complete. It is important for her to edit because she will be changing custom field values and also using the Harvest Time Tracker integration.


Thanks for the additional information. This is very strange, and I suspect we might have a bug. In order to investigate this issue further, I would recommend reaching out directly to our support team with the following information:

  • Link to this thread so you don’t have to re-explain everything
  • The URL of the task in question

Our Team will be able to take a look at this task in our system, this will be super useful to understand what’s wrong here. Apologies for not being able to help further on my end, and thank you so much for your patience!


Thank you Marie, I’ve reached out to support and I hope they get back to my issue soon.