Targeting a specific destination when uploading data

Newbie Asana user here:

When I upload something—say, a Photo or an URL—to other apps like DevonThink or Adobe, I can choose the specific location within the app to which I want the file to go.

As far as I can see, though, Asana only provides the option to send the data to “Tasks,” making me have to then go into Tasks and place the information in the Portfolio/Project/Task/Subtask I want.

Am I missing a directive?

Thank you for help!

Hi @David_Willis , welcome to the forum :wave:

You can use your email client/app to send emails to Asana that convert into tasks to either ‘land’ in your My Tasks or into an existing project. This is achieved by sending such emails to a specific email address which corresponds to a project for example. Have a look at this article in the guide here.

And additional information of how emails get converted into tasks in Asana, including attachments, here

Hope this help! :wink:

A belated thank you for that response!

I’ll give that a whirl tomorrow.

Grateful for your quick and clear reply!



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