taks details lost when moved to another project

I have a task in a project that I want to move to another project.
I can do it with the “add this task to another project” button. Everything seems fine at this stage and my taks is on dual projects.
However, when I remove the task from the initial project, all details of the task is lost. Do you have any comments for this?




It’s not clear to me which details you mean, and the screenshots don’t make this clear (to me at least).

But if you mean custom fields, note that custom fields belong to a project, so removing a task from a project can hide that project’s custom fields so maybe that’s what you’re describing?


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Hi @Ayberk, if you could provide some more info on what details are being lost, I can look into this further for you! :slight_smile:

I cannot upload more than one image. Thus, it is really hard to be clear but let me try…
Suppose that I have a team and a task for one of the projects in that team .
I want to carry that task to a different project on a different team.
I manage this by clicking on the “+” button and choosing the target project. In this stage, my task is in dual projects and I can see all the details in both projects.
However, I want to keep this task only in one task and that is the new project chosen by the “+” button.
Thus, when I unlink my task from the first project, all the details written in the task get lost. And they get back when I click on “+” and link the task with the very first project again.
I hope I could clarify.

I’m afraid this is the part that’s still unclear. Most content in the task detail is displayed as pairing of caption and value, like:

  • Caption=Due date, Value=today
  • Caption=Assignee, Value=me

What are the captions for the details that get lost? If they’re Custom Fields (read about them in the Asana Guide), this is expected behavior; custom fields belong to projects. If you use org-wide custom fields, you can add them to more than one project. Perhaps that might help here…if the issue is with custom fields.


Dear Larry,
Thank you. The issue is about custom fields.

Ok, great. Then I think make sure:

is clear to you and in particular, make sure all these custom fields in question are:

  1. added to the org-wide custom field library, and
  2. used in the second project (where they’re not present currently); do this with that project’s Customize menu to add these custom fields from the org-wide library into that project.



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