Tagsana: list all tags of an organization or workspace

I think it would be used in a log: for instance Vince removed ‘obsolete Tag

Wow @Bastien_Siebman where have these little utilities been all my life! These are awesome, thank you.

How can I have it in my browser permanently enabled, so I remember it?

thanks :pray:

Not sure I understand your question… Browser favorite? :thinking:

Wow! THANK you SO much for this! Love it!!! :heart_eyes:

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I thought that might be useful too!

There was a bug in the tool where the spinner would keep spinning for task count when there was no task attached to the tag. That spinner is now gone and shows zero, thanks @Julien_RENAUD for the warning!

@Julien_RENAUD I lost our conversation about the topic due to a phone change, can you remind us what was the result of your test regarding tags disappearing or not when not attached to any task? Thanks!

Is there a way to sort by due date within the tags view? or add columns like we can in project view? Looking to sort by status/due date.

@Marica_Hoeppner are you referring to my tool, or the Asana tags view.

Hey community ! Does this still the best way to have a full view of our tags ? Is Asana working on this issue ??


According to me this is still the only solution and I don’t know if Asana is working on a solution.

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:white_check_mark: The tool now allows paid users to export the list as CSV!

Note: if you get a (very cheap :stuck_out_tongue: ) token to use the advanced features of a tool, it also works for all the other tools!


We added the ability to hide tags without tasks. Surprisingly, the API would return tags not used, with no ability to delete them either :person_shrugging:

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