Tagsana: list all tags of an organization or workspace

Please welcome Tags Explorer, the latest integration to list all tags of an organization or workspace!

This tool allows you to list and clean your tags!



Great tool for Asana users. Thank you @Bastien_Siebman.

Nice to have a place that lists all tags that are used in Asana, very handy. And the links to the Asana Tag pages makes it very user friendly.

A couple of suggestions.

  • To pick a nit. I noticed it works without issue with Chrome and Firefox but is not perfect with Safari. I assume you only plan to support certain browsers. A list of supported browsers in Tagsana would be helpful. If I go to Safari and it doesn’t work, then I know Tagsana isn’t broken, it just shouldn’t be expected to work perfectly with Safari.
  • Task counts are a great way to provide context to the list of tags. I know this is something the API doesn’t provide directly, so this is a nice feature. I went through and did some checking of the Tasks counts in my own Organization to verify accuracy.
    • At first I thought the counts were WAY off. But it eventually occurred to me that Tagsana’s Task count was counting all Tasks, completed and incomplete, and the link to the Tag page was showing just completed Tasks. So I realized that the Tasks counts were accurate, but misleading. I would suggest:
      • Make it clear in Tagsana the list counts include completed and incomplete Tasks, and the link shows only incomplete Tasks by default.
      • And/or Provide more count columns. One for incomplete Tasks, completed Tasks, and all Tasks.
    • Multihomed Tasks. Unfortunately this creates another mismatch between the Tagsana count and the Tag’s Task list in Asana. If a Tag is in 1 Task, and that Task is in 2 Projects, then Tagsana will provide an accurate count of 1 Task. However, the link will show a list with 2 entries. The 2 entries being the same Task listed twice. I would suggest the best option here is to make it clear in Tagsana the possibility of the Task count and the Task list appearing to disagree.
    • BTW. I thought there would be a list of Tags that had a count of 0. Not so. Doing a little testing in Asana, it looks like if there are no Tasks that use a previously used Tag, then the Tag (at least from what the UI exposes) no longer exists.

Thanks Vince!

I’ll check Safari, add a count column for incomplete and completed tasks, and think about this multi-home issue. I think you are right, tags disappear when not used.

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According to Marie the tag objects still exist although they don’t show in the UI. I don’t know whether that means you can find them somehow via the API or not; I haven’t tried that myself.

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This is excellent, @Bastien_Siebman! Very useful. Thank you.

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Thanks @Mark_Hudson. Any suggestion on how to improve?
This is great to see you can create something useful with just a few hours of work! If you guys have other needs, please share!

No problem, @Bastien_Siebman. My only improvement would be one that @Vince_Mustachio’s already identified, which is to distinguish between complete and incomplete tasks. Aside from that, I think it’s best to keep it simple.

When I said “other needs” that includes other tools =)

Well, if you could manage a % complete progress bar, I think a lot of people would go for that. I remember there was one a while ago that stopped working and seemed to no longer be supported.

Yes. The object still exists, but if you don’t know the ID and/or Tag URL, I don’t think there is a way to access it again. Nor does it seem like you would need to. You can easily create a duplicate Tag that gets a new ID. I can’t think what the value is in retaining unused Tags.

In the same topic you referenced @Phil_Seeman, the original poster figured out a way to keep using an unused Tag.

I’m guessing the API doesn’t expose these unused Tags, but I don’t know. And again don’t know why you would want them. If they aren’t used in any incomplete or completed Tasks, how much value can they really have?

@Bastien_Siebman, you asked.

Along the same lines of Tagsana. A list of custom fields and which Projects they are used in would be very useful.


Now that I think about it, a % complete bar that allowed for weighting would be far more valuable:

I’ll get on it =)

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Displayed inside the Asana UI then?

Yes. The previous one was made by DoMetrix:

It sat within the Asana UI and worked pretty well. But I do think the ability to weight tasks based on time would take it to the next level. I imagine this would also be more accurate now because of the changes to sections.

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This morning’s update for minimalist work - Work less with better tools and methods

  • added a column for incomplete and completed tasks
  • fixed design for Safari
  • added a warning about multi-homed tasks
  • made the sort case insensitive
  • added backward compatible colors (like dark-blue that doesn’t exist in the new Asana UI anymore)

Have a good day everyone!


Looking good, @Bastien_Siebman! The complete/incomplete split is a great improvement. I’ve already spotted a couple of tags we can delete.

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Hi @Bastien_Siebman :wave:t3:

I’ve gone ahead and created a new thread dedicated to Tagsana to allow you to post updates! Tagsana is still referenced in See a list of tags? - #102 by Mohamed_Mohamed so users will be able to use it as a workaround :slight_smile:

Good idea! Thanks

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