Tags from action bar


Where can I manage what items are in the quick actions bar of the right pane? As you can see in the screenshot I have access to tags in this bar in one asana organisation, but in my main organisation I have to select it from the ‘more actions’ option.



Hi Max,

If you for instance activate Time Tracking in your Asana Account, the tag button will be replaced with a time tracking button.
Within normal Asana you cannot adjust the buttons on your own. You might be able via the API.

Is this the case for you?


Hi Sebastian,

I indeed activated time tracking. So this must be the case.
Is there a way to disable the harvest time tracking? We don’t really use it anyway.


Yes you go to your profile settings and to the tab “Apps”. There you have an overview about all your apps, the last one is usually Harvest.


Hi @MAX3! @Sebastian_Paasch is 100% right here, but I just wanted to add one little detail: you might also need to disable Harvest at the Team level (if it was activated for your entire Team). To learn how you can do this, have a look at my reply in this post: How to remove Harvest button?

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: