Tags for Free Account


Are tags no longer available for free accounts? I can no longer find them on the board or list view, and Tab + T doesn’t do anything.


If that ends up being true, that would be quite a revolution :slight_smile:

I played around with it a little and created a new workspace - in the new workspace I can add tags. So perhaps, there’s just no tags in Personal Projects?

Oh no indeed that is it. Don’t use personal projects. That is an « old » type of workspace.

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Ah good to know. Thanks Bastien! I ended up exporting the project out to a CSV and importing it into a new workspace. What an odd thing to omit from Personal Projects haha.

I think that technically speaking this is something like a giant workspace shared by everyone and that would be complicated to have tags that aren’t shared.

@Derek_Chen There are actually lots of things missing from “Personal Projects” beyond tags. Asana is probably going to be removing them at some point and recommends that people not use them: