Tagging glitch?


When I’m leaving a comment on a task and I want to tag someone in my org, I used to just start typing their name, hit tab to select the person that comes up, then keep typing. As of the last few days, when I hit tab it takes my cursor off the line so if I hit spacebar, it submits the comment, instead of allowing me to keep typing. Frustrating because I keep forgetting! Definitely wasn’t like this before. Is this a known issue?


I think I read somewhere people suggested you use Enter instead of Tab. Not sure if this is new or a bug, @Marie?


That works! Now to break the habit of using tab…



I’ve had a similar issue where i @ someone or project and it jumps down a few. Meaning, I’ll write @yosuke to tag my co worker and even though he’s the top hit in the list, it will jump down several in the list to something unrelated. Very frustrating.


I’ve had the same issue.


Weird that doesn’t work for me. No matter what i do, i start typing to tag a coworker and without fail it jumps to some random subtask that has that coworkers name in it. Keying enter doesn’t work for me. :confused:


Are you guys using Asana inside a wrapper like Nativfier? Or using the website directly? Which browser?


No, just regular old chrome.