Tag Colors not Translating to Other Projects


I am currently using a “Brand” project board to track promotions and campaigns for my company.

The promotions and campaigns are created on the “Brand” board, but are also shared to our “Operations” project board.

I have tagged all promotions in yellow. They show up in yellow on the Operations board timeline, but why aren’t they showing up in yellow on the Brand board timeline? See photos below!

Brand Tag view:

Brand Timeline view: (why isn’t it showing in yellow?)

Ops Timeline view: (why is it showing in yellow to a shared project and not to the Brand where it was originally created?)

Thanks in advance!



Hi @Tara_Anderson, I Believe the problem is in the Colorado ordering and which colour timeline uses based on Tag Colour and Project Colour…

If you do a search in the forum you should be able to find some discussions and how people have worked through it.

Alps this guide article may help. https://asana.com/guide/help/premium/timeline