@ tag autocomplete selects wrong item



When using the @ tag to reference another team member, the autocomplete popup incorrectly selects a task containing their name in the title, instead of the user’s profile entry.

To reproduce:

  1. if you have a another team member, named “John” for example
  2. create a task called “Send a message to John”
  3. create another task, and add a comment to it. In the comment, type “@John

Expected results:
Whatever is loaded in the list, once a selection/highlight is made, that highlighting should remain, unless I choose to change it, or that items disappears from the list because I have filtered it out.

Actual Results:

The autocomplete popup will appear, and after you have typed a couple of letter (i.e @Jo), then “John” the user-account entry will be selected/highlighted. A split-second later, the autocomplete popup will fill up with tasks that contain the word “Jo”, and the selection in the list will change to one of those tasks.

The effect is that I see “John” the user-account is selected, so I hit tab, but “Send a message to John” gets inserted into the comment.

I lose a lot of time correcting these mistakes.