Tag and Project Color Swapped

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: In my calendar view for both my tasks assigned and the project(s) I’m having trouble with, the color of my tag, and the set color for the project have magically swapped. So instead, the task’s “bubble” color is set to the tag, and not the project associated with it.

Steps to reproduce: Not sure, can’t seem to figure out how to “undo” it.

Browser version: Present on Edge and Google Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

In particular, Aladdin should have the dark blue color for “Name That Game” but instead you see that its tags (green for LinkedIn, Pink for Pinterest & Twitter, Red for Instagram, Blue for Facebook) have swapped places, and the project’s color is in the little box. Unlike the Experience, Anniversary, and Small business projects are correctly colored.

Hi @CJ_Schnase, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

In this case, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team directly as they have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team to be able to look into the backend of the Projects and Tags and figure out what’s gone on here.

You can contact them by following the steps below:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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