Tabs Now Work to Indent Lists



Super excited that Tab and Shift-Tab now change the indenting in formatted lists.

I make this mistake so often, that I accidentally found out it works now.

Thanks for saving me from myself.


Next project : make CTRL-ENTER a Line break (everywhere) and not mark a Task complete

Ik will start begging in a few weeks :crazy_face:


More info: :slight_smile:


Quick note. You added a link to the French release notes. The most striking thing about that is the July release notes for the French version were posted in English.

Mon Dieu :scream:


Thanks for flagging it @Vince_Mustachio, I’ve just updated the link and removed the french locale!


I considered that perhaps Asana doesn’t translate release notes. What do I know, I don’t read documentation in multiple languages. So I scrolled down. Only July is in English. That’s why I pointed it out.

Since you mentioned it. I looked and saw the same happed to the German release notes. Only July is in English.
Mein Gott


Woops my mistake!! Thanks for flagging this @Vince_Mustachio I’ll let the team know!


Hi @Vince_Mustachio! This should now be fixed! Merci, Danke :+1:t3: