"Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections


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What’s currently the way of creating sections on mobile (specifically in android app)?
I am not sure how to use Tab + N shortcut there.


I have lists that I drop into Asana which have headings identified with a colon. These no longer work with the new update. What is the work around for this? Although time consuming, I can’t even highlight and Tab+N, it just creates a new section underneath my heading. I expect dropping in lists is something that many users do, so just hoping somebody has the answer.


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The ability to create Sections via mobile has been put on hold while we transition section creation on the web from “;” to 'Tab+N". It should be back as soon as we fully implement the new shortcut and complete groundwork to implement Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa).

You can keep an eye on Create Section feature is missing from our mobile app, I’ll make sure to post an update there as soon as we re-implement section creation via mobile. Sincere apologies for the inconvenience and thank you so much for your patience while we complete this work!


What if i need to convert existing task to section?
For eg: i usually create task at my desired sequence, add text and add colon to convert it to section. Now since colon does not work any more i need to press tab+N, enter text, and drag the task(which is section now) to my desired sequence.

I need to drag since i create section after set of tasks even if they are closed.
If i have section 1 which has 10 tasks out of which 5 are closed so in my incomplete task view i can only see 5 open task and section. Now when i click on last task which is open (since my view is to see only incomplete task) and press tab+N it will create the new section after 5th open task, ie in between the section 1 tasks list.

Not a big issue, but it adds more steps to my regular workflow.


So, the new short cut for new sections “tab N”. Have to say not such a fan. I have many “template wording” saved with colons next to them so they would automatically be sections in new project set ups. Now I have to tab N a bunch of times then change the “new section” wording to the wording of the new section that I want.

For example I would copy the below;

Section 1:
Section 2:
Section 3:

Then paste it in a new project and they would be already created sections. Now they are just sub tasks with colons next to them.

In my opinion the tab N short cut greatly reduces the versatility of the program. I use this all day everyday 7 days a week!

Im not saying that you should get rid of it, all I want is to have the colon be able to make a new section as well.



We are using Citrix desktop win and the shortcut does not seem to work in Citrix.
When we want to create a section in a sub-task there is no option in the menu which means we have to exit Citrix and open Asana in MAC OS to create the sections.

Is there another way or could we get the add section option selectable in a task?


As someone who also drops lists with sections into Asana, I too was disappointed this morning to find the functionality removed.

I understand the need for and eventual benefits of the underlying changes, but strongly agree with the host of others here who have identified the many impediments to efficient workflows.

One enhancement that I could see alleviating some of the issues described might be to enhance the “Tab+N” ability to create a new section with the title of the current task if one is selected and place it at the current task’s location. This would resolve the “New Section” appearing at the bottom and at least remove one step in the process of converting existing lists to functional Asana projects.

I did appreciate when creating sections from the bottom of the list upwards, that the new section was not created entirely at the bottom of the project, but above the next section heading. That at least minimized the amount of movement for what I’m currently importing.


In what world is typing “Tab+N” easier than typing a “:”? I used to just be able to go through and quickly type out all my tasks/organize them by section on the fly but this slows me down just enough to be pretty dang cumbersome.