"Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections

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How do I convert a task into a section and vice versa? I used to be able to do this just by adding/removing the colon. I have the Tab + N functionality to create a new section, but it doesn’t convert an existing task. I often “upgrade” tasks to sections as a project goes along, or paste lists of section/tasks into Asana.


@Olivia_Chin, It’s not possible anymore, but I’m also advocating for a toggle command/shortcut just a you suggest in my earlier post here:

And great point about pasting tasks/sections. I do that all the time, but no more; another unfortunate casualty of this change–can this be reconsidered??


Hi @lpb and thanks again for the detailed feedback, we really appreciate it! I’ve gone ahead and added this feedback to the one I have escalated last week to our Product Team. Note that since last week, we have removed the semicolon from Sections; the update is currently only available in our Beta version but should be live for everyone in a couple of days.

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Following this because this is awful, for all the reasons described above. How can you just change a shortcut, for such a major function without letting us know - but even worse, you’ve destroyed functionality here. In all of the software I’ve ever used - web, audio, video, etc - this is unheard of.

I used to begin sections as tasks, and convert them later, with a “:” - now I have to create a new section, name it from scratch, and delete the task. This shortcut is also absurdly unergonomic - I have to take my right hand off the mouse to execute it because using one hand is impossible.


Hi @Teddy_Stuart and thanks for taking the time to share your feedback with us and let us know why this new update is breaking some of your workflows.

Sections were until very recently built like regular tasks, which was an issue to continue developing Asana (for more context, you can have a look at this post from my colleague). In order to make progress on other very popular user request and fix long-term issues, we had to move away from our previous “semicolon system” and moved to the “Tab+N” shortcut.

I’m aware that this is not going to solve your issue, but I’m hoping it will help you understand why we made this move. Again, my apologies for the trouble; please let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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I don’t have the update yet. So I have to guess instead of being able to test for myself.
But based on @Olivia_Chin post, does this mean exports no longer delineate what a section is?

Clearly a fair amount of functionality directly or indirectly leaned on the semicolon always being present when something was a Section. If the semicolon is being removed as part of the Section definition, it means everything that relied on it being there needs to be found and reworked.


Hi @Marie

The update I’m sure would be fine its just that the UX is being impacted cause many people are using the : functionality as part of their project builds.
The android app fails to allow adding sections are all, which has forced me to double enter information.

I’m hoping that the UX designers for the web app and the mobile apps will find ways to allow

  • Convert task to section
  • Add section (in mobile app)
  • Convert section to task (we’ve all done it before)

In both tasks and subtasks list…

Appreciate you work on this core functionality




I’m looking forward to improved Section functionality, but this deployment has led to some lost functionality. Here’s the list I’ve accumulated so far. Are these intended and permanent?

  • No longer able to switch between a Task and a Section and vice versa.
  • No longer able to create Sections by cutting and pasting a list into a Project.
  • No longer able to discern what a Section is in an export.
  • You have to create a Subtask before you can create a Subtask Section.
  • No feature to add a section for the mobile app.
  • Others possibly to be discovered with time and usage…

Very disappointed in this change… Asana was my favorite because it was so fluid to create and organize tasks on web or mobile…
As far as I’m concerned, this is broken!


I do not like this at all. Very cumbersome. Sometimes I want to make a task into a section or vice versa. This makes this impossible.


following up on Teddy’s comment on ergonomics…I’m a rare case but I am using a Mac keyboard on a PC OS and it’s super, super troublesome to access Tab.

(yeah yeah I can re-map my keyboard but separately I’ve been having issues with that. as of now I have to reach over to a laptop and hit tab. ugh.)




Absolutely EVERYTHING that Teddy said here. How clunky to not be able to change my tasks into sections and vice versa… sometimes what starts as a task needs to become a section later. And the Tab+N is absolutely an ergonomic mess.


Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: It used to be that adding a : to the end of a task made a section header - and removing the : made it go back to being a task. Now we have to use Tab+T to make a section header… but there doesn’t seem to be anyway to un-make the section header. VERY frustrating.

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version:

Upload screenshots below:

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Hi @Valerie and thanks for reaching out. This is actually not a bug but a change we recently rolled out. You can learn more about it in this post: "Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections.

I’ve gone ahead and merged your feedback with the main post to gather feedback in one place. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

You’re supposed to be able to create a section by adding a colon after the section (and convert back to a task by removing the colon).

Suddenly, this weekend, this isn’t working in my mobile app. I add a colon after a task and it remains a task. Anyone else having this problem?

Also, opinion: not having a help desk isn’t helpful, Asana. You should have a way for us to reach you if we’re stuck.

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Hi @Colin_McComb and apologies for the trouble here. The issue you’re experiencing isn’t a bug but related to an update we’re currently rolling out. Have a look at this post for more details: "Tab+N" our new shortcut to create Sections. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Friendly suggestion: before deleting the old feature in the future, perhaps you should roll out the new feature, and observe the conversion rate. If everyone keeps using the old feature, either the update wasn’t communicated well, or everyone prefers the old way.
I’m really scratching my head as to why Asana broke userland for this.
Thanks for all the hard work, though!


Thanks for the feedback @Andy_McCaddin. We always roll out features in batches to make sure we’re not breaking anything obvious. This is a little different, if you’re interested to learn why we made this change, you can have a look at this post. Hope this helps @Andy_McCaddin, have a greta day!