Tab+N Not Creating New Section—No Other Way to Create New Section

I’m working on an apple device in the desktop version of the site trying to create a new section in the middle of other sections of the project (i.e. I don’t want to try to drag it up possibly a hundred spots). I cannot get the Tab+N to create a new section. Instead it just makes it jump to the beginning of the line and then add an n to the task. I tried the command button too. Doesn’t work. The new section functionality was so much easier with just the colon. There is also no way to convert a task to a section, so it’s not like I can create it as as task and then go into the details and turn the task into a section. It will let me turn it into a project though, real helpful. Why not include turning it into the type between task and project? This has really hurt my productivity on this program, which considering it is a productivity program, that’s really bad.

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