Tab+B: dog version please!


Pleaseee this is discrimination against dog lovers! :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t tell anyone, but Tab+B is secretly my favorite Asana feature. Not a fan of cats, but I love bad puns. I can only vote for this if you come up with a punny keyboard shortcut.


Hahaha I love the idea @Andy_Renmei :joy:The “Tab+B” shortcut is a nod to the “Tabby cat” (, so we would need to come up with another pun for dogs :slight_smile: :dog:


OK. Here are 2 terrible suggestions. I apologize in advance.

  • Pause (paws)
  • F1+D+O


@Vince_Mustachio! I just came across HACK: Please add K-9 hack and thought you might like it :slight_smile:


I did see that one, Thanks.

I don’t have a dog picture to share. I’m truly in it for the bad humor.

I hope Asana throws me a bone :wink: