Syncing task list with Google


+1 Let’s get this.

+1 here from me as well. The current integrations to view Asana tasks in Google Calendar (as Google Tasks) is really leaving a hole, as Asana does not offer native 2-way realtime sync and/or the ability to modify tasks in Google Calendar. Seems it would be embraced, as Asana notes regularly it’s deep integration with Google Products. The 2 third party solutions are not awesome or user-friendly to implement.



+1 definitely need a way to 2-way link Asana Tasks and Boards with Google Tasks and Lists. This has been ongoing for nearly 3 years, what’s the hold up with this obvious integration Asana?

I’ve never thought of a better integration.

Is there any progress at all for this?


Asana is DOA on this topic. Shame. Such sad customer service


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please unresolve the thread because clearly it is not resolved. I am also seeking this feature, or an improvement in the asana plugin for google workspace.

Done; thanks,



+1 !!!