Syncing task list with Google

Adding another voice that would like this! We’ve been using Google Meeting notes and adding action items in the docs which create tasks for Google. We are now in dual task list hell as nothing syncs over to Asana. So we use Asana less and less. Please respond with projected timeline for these integrations.

definitely +1 to this

This would help a lot if it’s still on the cards!

+1, can’t believe this has been a request for so long and no more reaction from Asana :exploding_head:

Does this live as a feature request somewhere? +1 comments and likes on forum threads probably don’t have the same impact. I’d love to really +1 this feature request.

Excellent point, @David_Russell!

Looks like this one is relevant to the current thread:


+1 for this. It seems so obvious that this needed I’m surprised we are having to ask. Is there any update from the Asana team? (Asana ↔ Google tasks rather than calendar is my preference.)

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+1! This is a no brainer.

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please integrate it. really, no brainer!

Hi all, Kindly vote on this feature request; Asana and Google Tasks integration

I would highly recommend to stop commenting here and go to the feauture request, this thread is going no where.

+1, voted (and no, I can’t use Zapier even if I wanted to - not allowed by my org)

This is exactly what I need to streamline things. Just voted.




Any updates on this? There are a TON of plus one’s here. :thinking:

+1 :slight_smile: