Synchronising Tag Calendars?

Hello all,

We have two important tags for certain tasks (appointments of freelancers). Now I have the possibility to display a calendar for each day. This is a great thing, because now I can see when our employees are on duty.
I would like to synchronise these calendars with our company calendar to have everything in one calendar.
Unfortunately, this works neither via Google nor via iCal.
Is it possible that this is not possible at all? Why am I given the possibility to do this in Asana?

Thank you very much for a short feedback and best regards

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I am surprised, I just tested, clicked on a tag, and in the top left menu (arrow down) there is a “sync to calendar” option. Did you try this?

Hi Bastien,

i tried it and i get two options. One is to sync it to a google calendar and the other one is to subscribe to it, if you use iCal (over iCloud for example) or other calendars. I tried both options as described, but i can’t see the event, not in my google calendar and not in my iCloud calendar.