Sync tasks to Outlook without creating separate project calendar



I’m wondering if it is possible to sync tasks directly to my default calendar in Outlook without having to create a separate project calendar?

Per the guide (, the only way to sync your tasks is to create a separate project calendar in Outlook. So to see your project tasks and your default calendar together, you would need to have both calendars up on the screen and layered over one another.

I’m asking because my role is to manage my boss’ calendar and am hoping there is a way for me to sync tasks in a project directly into his calendar without him having to open a separate calendar to see the due dates. In other words, I’m hoping for a more seamless integration with Asana and the calendar I manage because my boss isn’t very Outlook or Asana savvy.

If it’s not possible to add tasks directly into an Outlook calendar, I wonder if anyone else has figured out a workaround to this issue (i.e. somehow syncing the Asana project calendar with their default calendar within Outlook so that anything that is saved in the former is saved in the latter?

Hope I’m explaining this clearly…thanks so much in advance for any help you can provide!


This would be a welcome feature.