Sync priority ordering between multihome projects


My team has been attempting to use multihoming to provide useful whole-team views of tasks in addition to per-project views. For example, we’ll plan and prioritize items inside a project, and then go to the “parent” project (which multihomes all of our tasks) to plan what the whole team is doing next, across projects.

However, we recently discovered that when you re-order tasks within one project, the relative ordering does not carry through to the “parent” project because each project seems to have its own separate ordering. For us, this removes much of the utility of multihoming.

A couple of solutions to this that I can see include:

  1. Maintain relative ordering of tasks across all projects they belong to
  2. Provide a way to filter a project view by the other projects that each task is in. This would allow us to do per-project ordering within the umbrella of another project. This is similar to JIRA’s backlog view, which shows all epics but also allows you to filter by epic, and maintains the logical ordering of tasks when you move them around.

A better Dashboard for high level overview

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback and providing us with some context on how your team is using “Multihoming” @Jcc; hopefully this is something we can improve in the future. I’ll make sure to keep you posted when I have an update on my end!


This would be very useful, and make Asana a viable Scrum tool/alternative to Jira. I hope this will make it to your teams to do’s :slight_smile: