Switching from Boards to List View (and vice versa)

Hi. How do we know if we have this feature or not? Where are we supposed to see it?

Hi @Patrick_Esmonde! :wave:

Asana is rolling out this feature gradually! That might be the reason why you are not having this feature yet. But I can asure you that once this is completely rolled out, all projects will have the ability to be viewed both as a board and a list.

We will update this thread as soon as we have more information. We will also announce it in I will also make an announcement in here: https://forum.asana.com/c/community-forum-announcements/product-updates

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Welcome to the Forum @Vinny_Troia :wave:

If you have this feature in a Project, you will see both tabs “List” & “Board” in your Project view and you will able to switch between the two as you need.

@Natalia or @Marie will we have the option to see My Tasks as a board view as well?

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@Aly, I just tested in an organization that has the new functionality and (so far, at least) it’s just for projects, not for My Tasks, search results, or tags views.



Upvoting Board View for My Tasks!


This reply is from April. Has your work had any progress since then? And when are you planning to implement the feature?
I´m eager to now because I really miss it.

Is there any further update on this feature? is it live?

It’s live for a portion of Asana users, and they are currently rolling it out slowly to their user base over time. They haven’t provided a timeframe as to when it will be implemented for 100% of users, have only said that they’re proceeding slowly and carefully so as not to overly impact their processing capabilities.


Cool - keep me posted!

Looking forward to this - a great (and needed) feature!

Thanks for the update!! I was about to start from scratch to convert some projects but I’ll hold tight!

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Is it possible to opt-in to this?

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Not possible, you have to wait…

any updates on this?

Still the same answer: it is being rolled out slowly to everyone :slight_smile:

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For those lucky ones who’ve already migrated, are the new collapsable sections nestable (collapsable sections within another collapsable section)? We could then drop subtasks completely, and all would be well with Timeline be default.


Hi @Douglas_Garrett,

No, sorry, it doesn’t work that way. There’s only one hierarchy level of sections.


+1 for this. Pls update all accounts asap.

+100 for this!. Really need to switch between board and list view.