Switch between Tasks and Subtasks without using the mouse


Hi there,

when you click on a subtask with your mouse and then "Tab + → " you get to the sub-subtask. After that you can go back with “Tab + ←” and you are again in the subtasks - that´s great !!!

Unfortunately you are lost after that. it is not possible to make any movement between the subtasks with the keyboard. i am stuck in the subtask.

am i doing something wrong? I always have to click on the subtask to mark it again.

Thank you.


Hi @Das_Praxisteam

This is a great idea, though you’re right, it’s currently not possible within the product.

As such I’m going to move this post to the Product feedback category so that increase maneuverability among subtasks can be something our developers can take a deeper look at if possible :slight_smile:


That would be great !! Thank you.