Switch between board and list with an external solution?

This is a great idea! thanks for developing this process. I don’t suppose you are thinking of making Board to List version as well?

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Thanks for doing this. Keep us posted!

Works well, already tested!

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I have the same question, BTW :slight_smile:

We are working on a board to list version as well. We should have this all wrapped up and available for general consumption, along with videos walking you through the process, etc. in a few more days.


Hi there! Did you end up creating this feature to move one project’s tasks to a new project to fix the list view/board view issue?
Thank you!

Hi there! Any update on this? Trying to make one of my list projects a board view.

Our board to list conversion is ready now as well. We have a site that walks through the features. We will be adding videos in the next day or so on how to step through the conversion process. I will post here once that is ready.


There is 1 additional piece to the puzzle that we are working on. If the intent is to maintain 2 projects (one as a board and another as a list) we have a multi-homing capability that will be released within the week as well.


It is coming (don’t know when though): Sections are dead! Long live sections!

Sucks for those that created products based around this!! Hope you didn’t get far @Bastien_Siebman

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I did not start, but I think it will take them weeks/months anyway.

yes!! definitely would be interested!!
this is something that is keeping us from really commiting to asana
I tried a few workarounds but then I end up with 2 projets which is a mess when we want to report progress or something like that…
I am thinking to actually use Trello for boards and simply link them to Asana (rather then integrate and duplicate task again)
We are a video production studio, so all the Asana Premium and or Business features really are appealing for our workflow: timeline, calendar view and the amazing list’s functionality (it’s amazing to bulk select and do stuff all at once on a list’s project and it’s a bummer having to do it card by card on a board view).
In our case, the kanban/board view is useful to see the film divided/listed by it’s scenes but when actually planning and scheduling the list’s bulk selection functionality is key! In Asana you can’t even filter the cards by custom fields or assignee so what’s the point? That’s why I am almost giving up trying to use the board project in Asana and use yet one more tool like Trello for that solo purpose

It is so sad that this isn’t a system-wide functionality, we would love to have it and use it from time to time!


yes yes yes please

Hi Maggie,

how about to maintain two projects to update changes automaticly? I mean to keep both projects in sync, if i move a task from one section to another. Will this be released?

YES!!! I’m event planner who has clients who use both, and many have asked me if they can switch between them. It would be so nice…especially as we approach the event date and need to simply view a list of to dos!

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Closing this thread as we have now implemented the ability to switch between Board and Lists on all our project :tada: