Swipe left error; very annoying


I’ve noticed an ongoing code error in Asana that hasn’t been resolved for years: swipe left is very buggy. Often, I swipe left on a task to change the due date when it suddenly goes back to the default position and then I accidentally click through to seeing the task details. VERY ANNOYING! …and defeats the purpose of the swipe left feature.

I imagine this is a simple coding error and shouldn’t be hard to fix if given attention. I’m on Android.


Hi @Nik_F,

Any chance you could share a screencast with us? Could you also confirm what version of the Asana app you’re using as well as the version of Android?

Looking forward to your reply!

I have v6.71.3. This is a dynamic problem, ie it needs a video to show, so I can’t screen shot. However, the recent update seems to have made the problem worse…now I cannot even select 'mark for ’ from swipe left AND when I do mark it for 'later ', nothing changes in my list. In other words, the update failed and introduced more problems :frowning: