support swiping left & right on drop-down calendar widget w mouse on iPadOS

I just moved over to iPadOS as my daily driver and first I want to give kudos to the Asana team for focusing on such a great mobile clients (Android included), it translated instantly to iPadOS. we are productive - amazing work! :slight_smile:

  • use case - assign date to task
  • feature request - I notice there are some mouse gestures that are not implemented yet. I clicked on the calendar drop-down widget to choose a date and was unable to use the mouse to swipe left to the next month. as a comparison, go to the home screen and you can hold down the primary button to move home screen pages left and right.
  • impact - this is more of a nice to have. clearly we are assigning dates to tasks quite often so itโ€™s visible and the issue is encountered daily.
  • workaround - just use your finger. iPadOS is a touch-first interface anyways :wink:

Great feedback @chinarut! thank you so much for the kudos as well, we really appreciate your feedback and we are happy to know weโ€™re helping your team to be more productive :clap: :star_struck:

Iโ€™ve just escalated a task to our team as part of our Voice Of Customer program, hopefully, this is something we can improve soon!

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