Support for story points with burndown integration



Was very surprised to see that Asana has no support for story points. Even more surprised that this isn’t a more common ask. Would be absolutely huge to be able to add story points to tasks and then see those points reflected in the burndown chart, rather than treating each task the same.

I must be missing something about asana. Without support for story points the burndown charts and gantt charts are harmful for us to use as they are deceptive in terms of work remaining. Additionally it makes it extremely painful and manual to effectively assign tasks to individuals. Doing something manual in the title would at least allow people to select tasks for themselves, but the other problems still remain.

Has this been discussed before? Is there an integration that enables this? Is there some secret asana voodoo I need to do to enable this? I’m mostly just baffled since this seems like MVP for any planning utility.


Here you go SCRUM: Creating a burn down charts using custom fields

Found using the word “scrum” in search


you can try my extension:
this supports tracking story points simply.
but no supports for burndown charts.


We’ve now come out of the beta and our sprint burndown chart add-on for Asana is available for everyone. You can use custom fields for setting story points and see them reflected in the burndown chart. You can learn more at


Has anyone used this? And can give feedback? I’m interested, but how do the story points work?


Hi Clare,

I’m from Screenful, the company that has developed this add-on. I hope some of our users provide a comment of their experience but I can answer your question regarding the use of story points. There are two ways you can set story points:

  1. Mark them in the parenthesis in the task title

  2. Input them into a custom field

It’s described in more detail in this guide:

I hope you give it a try and I’m happy to answer any further questions regarding this add-on!



Okay, great! Thank you for the awesome and fast reply. I love the idea of keeping track of more things. As I heard recently, what gets measured gets managed. TY!