Support for multiple domains


As there’s no useful response to the separate thread at Need help changing organization domain I thought I would start a new one! (I’ve just replied to that post with the route to contact about domain switching.)

The post above is specifically about re-linking an existing workspace to a different domain. It feels like all my data is at risk if I can’t move it when my company switches to a new domain!

My organization works on multiple domains so will end up with separate Asana workspaces with the only option for collaboration across domains being to use the guest feature.

Why can’t the administrator of a workspace permit people on other email domains to join the workspace? (Kind of like Slack does.) They would still arrive in the workspace with no access to existing teams unless they are specifically invited, although obviously could create their own teams I guess.


@Julian_Wattam: Please double check with the Asana support team. They can add another domain to your account. We also use two domains.

It will look like this (sorry, German interface configured):

Hope this helps,