Support for Boards in API?

I was trying an API service call which has a great UI and supports many platforms like Asana, Trello, JIRA and a few others. But they can’t do a one to one transfer from our Trello account because the API lacks support for Boards, at least according to their knowledge of it as of yesterday.

Unfortunately, Asana do not provide support for boards in their API and until that happens I cannot build support into Todoport - which I would love to do - so my hands are tied on this one.

When will support for Boards in the API be available?


On the plus side, we shipped support for Boards about a month ago!

On the minus side, it doesn’t sound like Todoport knows :cry: I’ll send them a note to see if this unblocks them sufficiently to implement import/export with Asana.


Todoport here - support for boards is super-imminent, and I think the API additions are enough to get it done. Should be ready in a few days.

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Now released at

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