Support Date custom field in Advanced Search

I have Custom Fields from my field library that aren’t showing when I am doing an advanced search. Some are, but not the one I’m looking for isn’t.

Steps to reproduce:
Use advanced search > Filter > Custom Fields

Browser version: Latest Chrome (Mac OS app not showing either)

Upload screenshots below:

Hi Tommy and thanks for flagging that.

What type of field is it please? (ex: “Single-select”, “Date”, “People”…).

And I think we miss your screenshot :grin:



Yea, no screenshot needed lol. Just a field that doesn’t show.

A screenshot of the field please (“Edit page”) would be great.

My custom fields:

Advanced search (typing in Deadline, not showing up)

Hello @Tommy9 and @Arthur_BEGOU :wave:

The new date custom field isn’t supported in Search yet, so I’m moving this thread to the Product Feedback category so you and other community members can support this request.


Hi all,

Good news! People custom fields are now supported in Advanced Search. o add a People Custom field in your Advanced Search, simply follow this path:

+Add filter > Add Custom Field > Select or search for your People custom field

Let us know below if there are any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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