Super cool integration idea with Google Docs

YYYYESSS, this would be solid


I think about this at least once a day – we take meeting notes in google docs and to be able to convert a task assignment to a task in asana would be faaaaaantastic (two-way integration would be great as well, i.e. marking a task “done” in asana marks it done in google docs and vice versa)


Adding myself to the gravy train here… +1

This would be great! I hope it gets implemented.

Yes, please!

@asana1 Why hasn’t this happened yet?

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I connected with Zapier because I wanted this same integration. They opened a ticket for this request so if enough people ask for it, they might make it happen.

Yes ! I wake up thinking about this…


I’ve been messing around with an integration between G-Docs and Asana using Zapier all day today. Did you ever get this working? I’m reeeeeeeealllly close, but I can’t nail it.

I’m going G-Doc comment → gmail notification → assign label in gmail → trigger Zap based on label → create Asana task

It’s kind of working - I’m getting tasks to show up eventually in Asana, but I’m trying to get the right info in the right fields - tricky and I’ve not figured that part out.

Any joy?