Super cool integration idea with Google Docs

I wonder if the g-doc comment needs to go to a webhook or email parser first THEN trigger the asana task…

I want all tasks to live in Asana and when in Asana I want the user to have easy access to where in the document I need their help. I feel a browser extension might be the best option here, allowing an Asana task to be created, and cross-linked, from a Google Doc comment.

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With the glacial pace of Asana improvements I won’t hold my breath. Would be great I agree

PLEASE Asana this would be such a helpful feature!! We literally can’t get people off their emails if they need to go there to see all of their Google Doc and Google Sheet comments :frowning: +100000% to this request!:slight_smile:

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YES PLEASE this would amazing! Asana please help tie everything together.

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We’re working on it, should be out real soon. You can see a video of this in action below.




This is awesome… if we assign someone in the google docs. will it be automatically assigned in Asana too ?

This would make this a lot easier for my team since we take notes in Google docs!

+1 my team needs this!!

hi there, any updates on when a feature like this will be released?

Hope you’re well @Maggie_Reddi, do you have any additional information on when this feature may be available for beta? Thank you!!!

Sorry for my radio silence. I do not check this forum as often as I should.

We received final approval from Google to get our app published. We are just going through some smoke tests at the moment after deploying this new feature and will be publicly available within a few weeks. I will post here once that is complete.

We are also not currently handling assignments, however, something we will be investigating shortly.

I have some good news to share. Our integration between Asana and Google Docs is now available. You can follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit our website:
  2. Click on Login at the top right.
  3. Register for a free trial.
  4. Create a new process and select Asana and Google Docs as the two systems to integrate.
  5. Search for and select a folder from Google Docs to monitor for new comments.
  6. Link the folder to a corresponding project in Asana.

Once complete, as you create new comments in Google Docs, our system will automatically create tasks in Asana. If you mark the comment as resolved in Google Docs, it will be marked as complete in Asana. If you also mark the task as complete in Asana, it will mark the comment as resolved in Google Docs.

For any questions or issues you might come across, please email You will also be receiving some emails from us when you setup your first process.

More marketing material and documentation will be available on our website shortly, but the ability to get the integration going is already live.

ay someone is listening to this need! I’m so grateful! I won’t be able to use your integration though.

  • I only want ASSIGNED comments to appear in Asana. My team discusses things using the comments in a doc or sheet, and those comments are not always “tasks”. This integration would create far too many tasks in Asana for me :frowning:
  • I have no idea if this helps but there is a way to see all of your “assigned” comments in Google Drive using this search string: Google Drive: Sign-in
  • I wonder if that could be utilized to only create tasks in Asana if there are new “assignments” in Drive.
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+1 to @dyani’s note that @Maggie_Reddi’s solution is a great start but doesn’t solve the issue.
+1 to Asana doing this natively, 5 years later! :slight_smile:

Hold up. . . Asana does this natively now? Oh please say this is true.

Have a look here: Google Drive + Asana • Asana
Especially this part:

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Ahh, gotcha. So it’s all comments? No way to filter on for assigned comments?