Super cool integration idea with Google Docs


G Suite tools (Google Docs in particular) allow users to “assign tasks” to their colleagues by highlighting something, adding a comment, and using @ or + before typing their name. When you do this, it sends that person an email.

It would be so cool if in addition to sending that email, the comment could be instantly BAM! turned into an Asana task with due dates and stuff. At least, I would like that :stuck_out_tongue:



great idea


+1 awesome idea!



Awesome idea @Jack_Cuneo , I could see this cutting down on a ton of emails, improving workflow and, saving time!


Yes! I love this idea. Would cut down on so many emails!


Converting this to a product feedback post so you all can vote on it :slight_smile:

cc @Maimoona_Block @Matt_Bramlage


Is this feature somewhere in the product feedback ? It should sooo good!


Adding my vote here - this would be a SUPER helpful feature.


1000% behind this idea!