Suggestion needed for using typeAhead endpoint

Hi all, in our app (Bridge24), some of customers have TONS of projects or tags or users.
I mean, we sometimes reach the maximum paging, 500 pages of 100 items, that is, 50000 items !!! :slight_smile:

We decided to stop retrieving them all, and starts to use the typeahead endpoint, to only retrieve the most frequent one, and add others as we find them from tasks.

We tried the typeahead endpoint, and we found that when we use query “empty string”, we get some results that looks fine, as described in the documentation.

But, if we add another query with wildcard query “*”, we get other results that also looks interesting. Most results are the same, but in some cases, we get completely different results.

I think that empty string returns results that are specific to the currently logged user, and with wildcard, we get results based on the whole workspace usage.
Am I right?
Can I get problems using the wildcard?

Do you have other suggestions that we should use to retrieve the most active list of tags / users / projects?

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