Suggestion: Make Task Type be applied to Recurring Tasks

I tried to make it so that I could give a recurring task a Task Type and it would drop it into the section it needs to go in, but the rule says when a Task Type is CHANGED to a certain value it activates. It would be cool if behind the scenes when a recurring task is created the Task Type is changed to whatever the original task was.

If anyone else has a work around to my problem I’d do that too!


I’m not in front of my computer, and can’t test, but often times this type of trigger will trigger anyway when a “new” task is being generated.

If not, if you are on the business plan, try using task added to this project + task type changed.


Hmm, I just tried your suggestion, but it didn’t seem to work. Thank you for the suggestion though. I think the problem is that the new task created doesn’t actually get a task type applied to it, it’s just generated with one already there.