Suggested format of 'new version' pop-up

Each time Asana releases a new version and prompts me to refresh I am left wondering what changes have been rolled out. I often discover part way through training sessions for new users that headings or buttons have moved slightly and would be handy to know ahead of the presentation. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that when YNAB release an update their button looks like this and is super informative! If I don’t care I don’t click the release notes button but it’s there for me if I’m interested.


Thought this would be a great little tweak for Asana to keep the rest of us on the journey especially considering the rate of change at the moment.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Nice idea. But I’d say this is rather difficult to do. Asana is running several A/B tests at the same time + they are rolling out new features to people often group by group so it can’t be linked to a single release note… But that would be very cool indeed!

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