Sudden 'No Authorization' error on API calls

FYI, my customer having this issue just reported that it’s fixed for them!

Unfortunately, this issue has started up again. Anyone else having issues?

@paulminors I haven’t seen any.

You aren’t relying on any specific token format, are you? See Changes to API token formats

@paulminors, if you are still experiencing this issue, could you DM me as much detail as possible? User involved, any integration you’re using, error message, etc?

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I’m using a code step in Zapier to reorder subtasks and I got the following authorization error:

I’ve also been having the same issue as of about two days ago. I’m using the PHP library and haven’t made any code changes that would affect it.

From my side, it seems like it might be environment specific. I’m using the exact same codebase and exact same auth keys on three different environments.

It works on my local and on our staging environment, but throws the 401 Not Authorized error on our production environment.

I found the issue on our side. We were storing the auth tokens in a VARCHAR(255) field and it seems like the tokens are now longer than that, so they were getting truncated when we saved them.