Hi Guys,

My team have recently started using Asana to handle all our requests and I have a couple of queries I was hoping to get advice on:

  1. We have one main project titled “Creative Requests”. This acts as our singe source of truth so ALL requests are recorded here even if they also appear in other projects. However we’ve noticed that when you start to add subtasks you lose all the fields eg priority, approval stage, etc.

Also, we’re finding that when we set the approval field to “Ready for Review” there’s no real way to allow for the fact that we’re waiting on the client to get back to us. So effectively what happens is the due date passes and the task goes into the red. Other than manually changing the due date we can’t think of a better way to show that has been done and that we’re only waiting on feedback/approval from the client. we do not want to mark it as complete because it then falls off the list (so to speak).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Hi @Liesl and welcome to Community.

So Subtasks have there own challenges which if you search in this community you can find lots of suggestions/frustrations.

One of them is they aren’t part of the actual project as such. So they don’t appear on Timeline, Calendar and don’t show the Custom Fields. You can achieve this by Tab+P the sub tasks and add it to the Parent Project. Effectively multi homing the Subtasks in its parent project.

For your Client dilemma, couple of suggestions. Add a seperate Custom Field or Additional status of waiting on Customer and then use the due date of when you are going to follow them up.

Create a follow up task Tab+Shift+F for this tasks of when you are going to followup the customer and remove the due date from the task. You could then make the main tasks as being dependent on the FollowUp task.

Hope this helps.



Thanks so much Jason! I’ll run your suggestions past our team and we’ll give it a go!

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