SubTasks should inherit all parent properties



Currently on creation of a SubTask it inherits no properties of its parents i.e Task, Project and Workspace. But I am not aware why Asana does this. It sure can’t be for flexibility, else it would be called a SubTask, instead it should be called an independent task.

But more importantly, when a subtask is added to a parent task which in turn belongs to a task, by nature it means, it is to inherit all its parents(workspace, project, parent task) behaviours, and also show in the dashboard as a respective tree. What is the reason for ASANA to deviate from this behaviour?

If the idea was to give a subtask for a task independent of all parent association it could simple a toggle button and left to the user to customize it accordingly. Besides a task inherits the parent behaviours of project and workspace, so why wouldn’t a subtask?



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