Subtasks retain their due time even after being ticked


I believe figured out a way (though i am sure i am not the only one) to solve the issue of completed subtasks remaining in the subtask list after being ticked off while new ones are being created, but i ran into another issue. I hope someone either has an answer or perhaps this can be made into a feature.

My use case:

I create a task for my daily reports and set it to repeat Monday to Friday. I then create subtasks for each of the client’s reports I need to send on a daily basis. I set due time, and not due date, on the subtasks and they (as I see it) inehert due date from the parent task. Creating subtasks without specifying due date for each of them makes the subtasks become ‘unticked’ the following day and solves the problem of the sub-task list becoming quickly populated with completed copies.

However, in this case, the subtasks retain their due date. This means that the following day, the parent task has ‘Today’ as due date, as it is a repeating task, but each subtask is now in red, meaning their overdue and did not take into account that they have been ticked off the day before.

Has someone faced a similar situation? Would it be possible to make it so subtasks take into account they have been ticked off when due date is not set? I sincerely hope my explanation makes sense.