Subtasks need to be attached to projects

It is mad to me that subtasks do not have the same connection to the main project as per the parent task.

Subtasks should not appear in the main task list of a project, I agree.

Subtasks should be seen nested within a project, but should appear as single tasks in ‘My tasks’, I agree.


Subtasks should connect to a parent project though WITHOUT manual adding. This is made obvious by the fact that subtasks have the ability to be scheduled and have time estimated. If they are not assigned to a parent task they do not appear in my team members calendar for me to see what they are working on and therefore I can not schedule them properly. No, I do not need to just see the main task as multiple people work within one task. All together a project has in total 300 tasks (inc subtasks) for these to be broken out in to one list as main tasks is crazy. Therefore we must see subtasks within the parent task’s project and within my team schedule.

I see this has been going for years now. Can someone please give me a clear and defined reason why this is not yet a feature.

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